Trinity Evangel - December 2018

Our December newsletter is out! We decided to end with a year-in-review and take a look back at all the wonderful and exciting (and hard) things that happened at Trinity over the last year.  In addition to the new baby, the wedding, new members, etc., Pastor Dana highlights all the wonderful ways in which Trinity and its members have grown the kingdom in the last year. Finally, there are also a couple of pages that talk about the Special Session of General Conference that is coming up in February.    Take a look and pass it on to others who might be interested.  Until next month!

Trinity Evangel - November 2018

Our November Evangel is online. It includes Pastor Dana’s Advent Blog, our Advent/Christmas schedule, new members, guest preachers, an update from missionaries Ardell and Gordon and our first installment of “Our Trinity Stories.” Happy Reading!

Trinity Evangel - September/October 2018

Our September/October newsletter has arrived -- Thank you for your patience and our apologies we didn't get one out last month.  It's been a busy couple of months for Trinity as you'll see from the newsletter!  Until next month!

Trinity Evangel - August 2018

Our August newsletter is here! Check out Trinity's big announcement in the Pastor's Blog, the exciting update about Trinity Community Ministries, all the events coming up this fall and a Baby Announcement! Happy Reading!

Trinity Evangel - July 2018

Our July Evangel has arrived!  There's a great blog from our Pastor about her time at Pastors' School a couple weeks ago, a video trailer that highlights just a little bit of a project that we are working on for this fall, a photo that we "recreated" from 25 years ago and so much more!  Read and watch all of it and then share it with your friends!

Trinity Evangel - June 2018

The June Evangel is here!  As you may know our church's Annual Conference was a few weeks ago so we have lots of updates from there: Pastor Dana talks about Annual Conference and the Commission on the Way Forward in this month's Pastor's Corner; there's also a video of Bishop Sue's thoughts on the Way Forward and we have our Lay Leader's account of her first Annual Conference. Plus so much more!!  Happy Reading!  

PS. Check out our cover - it's a Trinity bulletin from 1939!  Thanks Ray for bringing that to us! 

Pastor Dana's Trip to the Borderland

In early May Pastor Dana spent a week in the Borderland (El Paso, Juarez, New Mexico) in an immersive experience to learn about immigration and the human face of immigration. While there she visited ministries on both sides of the border providing services to migrants and the poor in Juarez. The group of pastors with whom she traveled ended the week with a cross-border communion service with Mexican Christians in Juarez. The service attracted the attention of the both the media and border patrol. Here is a video on the service that aired on an El Paso newscast.

Trinity's Demonstration of Love | Atlanta Pride October 2017

Every year, as members of Trinity United Methodist's, we head to the entrance of Piedmont Park where Atlanta's Pride Festival happens every year.  We greet all of the attendee's with smiles, hugs, warm greetings and welcoming signs that express God's love and compassion for them as beloved children of God.  We do all of this in opposition to the Protestors that also come to bully them with their bullhorns, crude language and demeaning signs in the hopes that Love drowns out hate.  Here are some of our memories from that day. 

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