Trinity Evangel - August 2019

This month’s Evangel is out! There are lots of updates about coming events, our Pastor’s Blog, a new installment of Our Trinity Stories, a recap of the Decatur Dinners and Paul’s first time impressions of Annual Conference. Enjoy!

Trinity Evangel - August 2018

Trinity Evangel - August 2018

Our August newsletter is here! Check out Trinity's big announcement in the Pastor's Blog, the exciting update about Trinity Community Ministries, all the events coming up this fall and a Baby Announcement! Happy Reading!

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Trinity's Demonstration of Love | Atlanta Pride October 2017

Every year, as members of Trinity United Methodist's, we head to the entrance of Piedmont Park where Atlanta's Pride Festival happens every year.  We greet all of the attendee's with smiles, hugs, warm greetings and welcoming signs that express God's love and compassion for them as beloved children of God.  We do all of this in opposition to the Protestors that also come to bully them with their bullhorns, crude language and demeaning signs in the hopes that Love drowns out hate.  Here are some of our memories from that day. 

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